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Bricklayer (Mason) is described as:


Someone who uses bricks, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles and other materials to construct or repair walls,
foundations and other structures. They are also responsible for preparing surfaces to be covered and mixing ingredients
they'll need like mortar or cement. Preparatory work such as caulking and cleaning and placing damp proofing and
masonry flashing is also done by the Bricklayer (Mason).

Bricklayers (Masons) do a variety of residential work including restoring damaged brick work, putting up ornamental
or retaining walls and constructing brick driveways, patios, chimneys, and glass block walls. As brick-related
products have evolved in recent years, Bricklayers (Masons) have also become involved in laying bricks, stone or
similar materials to provide veneer facing to walls and fireplaces and other decorative installations.

Some Bricklayers (Masons) construct industrial and commercial buildings although there appears to be a trend towards
less structural brick work being done now. They are also involved in heat-related work, installing firebricks to
line chimneys, furnaces, kilns and boilers.

Prefabricated materials, mortarless bricks and factory-assembled panelized masonry are trends that have changed the nature of bricklaying (Masonry).

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